Pedicure Services

The Pedicure is the best way to provide the basic care to the feet. The pedicure service soothes and exfoliates the skin with a massage, which is extended to the knee. Give your feet some time, with the signature pedicure services at O2 Spa Center.

Our pedicure services include the customized foot bath with the essential oils. Scrubbing, moisturizing, cuticle removing, massaging are the steps involved in the pedicure at O2 Spa Massage Center. The nails are then buffed and lastly painted & polished to perfection with the color of your choice.

Regular Pedicure not only helps the feet look pretty, it also exfoliates the skin on the feet to stay healthy. It also decreases the chances of foot infections, preserves the moisture, and promotes relaxation. Feet get less care compared to hands & face, healthy & pretty feet are vital to the overall well-being, so don’t neglect them.

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