Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage, the most common and best-known massage in the west. It is the foundation for all the other western massages. This massage incorporates a variety of specific massage techniques to treat muscle pain, tension, stress and poor circulation. Give the masseur more time to work on the muscle tissue and achieve results with 60 Min & 90 Min Swedish massage therapy sessions at O2 Spa Centers.

Swedish massage improves circulation and removes toxins from the muscles. Always working toward the heart, this masseur incorporates the techniques into a fluid massage session that leaves him/her physically and emotionally relaxed. The best-known Swedish massage movement is the Effleurage, which are long, slippery pressures that can be firm or soft, depending on the desired goal. Many massage therapists begin a session with Effleurage to familiarize themselves, then initiate stronger movements and deeper work.

Let your stress melt away, to be replaced only by relaxation, calm, and peace with the perfect Swedish massage at O2 Spa Massage Center. Grab the great chance to get yourself an unforgettable experience with the Swedish massage at our Body Spa Center for the complete well-being of the body, mind, and soul.

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