Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage is also called as Sports Massage. Its goal is to restore the normal proportions of connective tissue formations, that is, increase the volume of movement, improve posture, restore normal muscle function, and get rid of the pain. It is the connective tissue that is the main object of the massage effect of deep tissues. To reduce chronic pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders, muscle tightness, upper & lower back pain etc.

Deep Tissue Massage starts off with a lighter pressure applied to prepare & warm up the muscles. Then, massage techniques like stripping and friction are applied to break up the scar tissues that cause the pain.

No doubt that people notice an improved range of motion immediately after the deep tissue massage therapy. The Deep Tissue Massage at O2 Spa center is uniquely tailored and dedicated to the inner wellness and sumptuous relaxation of an individual. The oils used at O2 spa for the massage are Lavender and Ylang –Ylang oils and the massage will last from 60 Min to 90 Min. Deep Tissue massage therapy sessions are available at our spa centers.

O2 Spa is spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah, operating with multiple outlets in all the prime locations.

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