Shampoo Scalp Massage

It’s too banal to discuss or explain how and why hair wash is necessary. But many of us do it in a wrong way. It is vital to oil the hair before washing, which does not over dry the hair. And it is the best tried and tested method of hair washing. Washing the hair every second day is much advisable rather than doing it every day.

The shampoo that we use should be free of sulfates and its residues. Pick a shampoo based on your hair type. At O2 Spa center, our hair shampoo products are chemical free and do not damage the texture of the hair. We take utmost care of your hair in every aspect. Our hair shampoo service employs various other steps that revitalize and healthify the hair instantly.

Give your hair the shine and sheen with our shampoo service. We know what is right for your hair. We just don’t shampoo the hair, we cleanse, nourish, and nurture the hair and scalp, which also promotes relaxation.

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