Root Hair Touchup

Root Touchup

Hair Coloring

Hair root touch up is also called as hair root cover up. The main objective of this process is to extend the hair color to the roots and cover up the newly grown hair. It is a perfect method to cover the grays and hair roots in between the hair coloring process. The perfect hair color blends seamlessly, no matter which shade you have used before.

The hair colorists are highly experienced and professionally trained to cater to the needs of the guests. The hair care products at O2 spa center are natural and pure, which do not harm or damage the skin. We use only premium quality products at our spa center. We offer both permanent and temporary hair root touch-up procedure.

Hair root touch up is the fastest and easy procedure for flawless roots and hair. Refresh and revive your hair color with our hair coloring services that are affordable and impressive.

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