Hair Services

Hair Spa Services

Hair services for both men and women are available at O2 Spa center UAE. We employ senior hair stylists and creative heads, who master the art of hair styling. You can choose from a wide range of haircuts and hair styles from us. We also offer Hair Spa Treatments, Blow Dry, Shampooing and Conditioning of the hair.

The hair therapies are available both for men, women, and kids. Kids can enjoy the haircut in our fulfilled environment. We customize the hair therapies and hair styling according to the personal needs of the guests. We are prominent in providing men’s grooming services at affordable prices. Our experienced and professional stylists help you to blossom on your BIG day.

Complement your look or impart a new look with a hair style that makes you stand out of the crowd, with our hair services.

O2 Spa is spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah, operating with multiple outlets in all the prime locations.