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The Whitening body scrub at O2 Spa Center is rich in various nutrients and vitamins, which are beneficial in nourishing the skin and exfoliating. An essential habit to maintain healthy and glowing skin is by regular body scrubbing.

This scrub also de-tans the sun-damaged skin along with eliminating dead cells from the surface of the skin. The body scrub is an excellent and perfect combination of cleansing and exfoliation. The exfoliating granules present in the whitening scrub help to slough off the dead skin and also stimulate the blood circulation in the body.

Well, to be specific, there are infinite spa treatments at O2 Spa massage centers. The treatments can also be customized on request. We strive to exceed the expectations of the guests in every aspect. The best place to find your peace and to give your body the ultimate relaxation is O2 Spa.

O2 Spa is spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah, operating with multiple outlets in all the prime locations.

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