Benefits of Encourages Relaxation

Encourages Relaxation

The prevalent lifestyle, tensions and deadlines lead to the production of unhealthy hormones. Pent-up levels of the stress hormone cortisol result in bouts of sleeplessness, headaches and cause severe digestive problems. Massages decrease cortisol in the body and promote relaxation and recovery in a big way. They are the surest way to lower stress and improve mood. O2 Spa offers relaxing massages therapies and techniques to ensure a quick relaxation process. Infact massages encourage Mechanical responses, which occur in the body when pressure is applied to the soft tissues. These responses can produce a series of physical and emotional benefits.

1) Benefits Improves mental outlook. 2) Allows for better handling of pressure. 3) Reinforces positive attitude. 4) Promotes relaxed states of mental alertness. 5) Enhances calm and creative thinking.